Introduction and Justification

I have received the suggestion before, and have recently felt the urge, to create a blog such as this. The theme that you, the reader, currently see I consider temporary until I have the time to develop it more fully. To begin this entry, I shall start with my justification. I consider the purpose of this blog to be twofold.

(1) To give myself somewhere to publish episodic and temporal works and thoughts and potentially receive feedback on them.

(2) To allow those who wish to follow these works and thoughts to do so effectively, selectively, and interactively.

As for the content of the blog, I have determined that the aforementioned works and thoughts will belong, generally speaking, to one of three categories.

(1) Writing excerpts. I plan to post unfinished and experimental pieces of creative work for comment.

(2) Expression outlet. I plan to post and hammer out thoughts that I believe to be of interest on superfamilial subjects. This includes reviews of other creative works that have impressed me (or not so much).

(3) Fact repository. I plan to bore all my readers into leaving this blog by posting interesting stories and facts I find from history, culture, etc.

A comment or two on the title of the blog might be advisable. “Sanctum In Heremis” is Latin, obviously. It translates to “Sanctum in the Wilderness.” I rank somewhere near horrible on the ability to choose titles, primarily because I am indecisive and unfortunately lack the talent, enviable in a writer, to condense large ideas into small words. So I chose the easy way out, a foreign language, which allows me to appear more intelligent than I actually am without commenting on my ability (or lack thereof) to choose titles. However, that is not to say that I lack rationale. I wanted a medievalesque feel for the blog, and especially a pilgrimage-Crusade theme. The idea behind “Sanctum in the Wilderness” is the picture of my mind as a wilderness of ideas and visions. This sanctum is a small place where a few these ideas and visions find expression and order in words. Simultaneously it carries connotations of a refuge for the pilgrim, a place where I can rest and write and ponder my visions.

After that singularly uninteresting justification and introduction, I feel that a taste of my writing ought to be presented. I wrote this a few weeks ago as I was in a jet flying to Louisiana and observed the clouds outside from above. I haven’t the slightest where I’ll use it, considering that none of my stories are based in an age of flight, but it’s probably one of my better description texts, though a little flowery. I may use it for some character’s vision.

Cloud-columns extended endlessly in all directions, like a vast carnival of stone figures, all unspeakably complex and terrifyingly unique. It was the graveyard of the gods, a memorial to those great things long since passed from the memory of the earth. But the oft-capricious skies recalled them now with their silent, monstrous tribute to the dragons and heroes and demons and angels of a vanished age.

My next post will probably be an introduction to my greater creative works, and anything else that I happen to think of.


8 comments on “Introduction and Justification

  1. salvageroost says:

    “Superfamilial”- I don’t know what that means, but it made me smile. Therefore, it was an excellent word choice.

    Category Two I especially look forward to perusing. Your superior-and-steadily-improving narrative and descriptive ability has had me in throes of jealousy for at least a semester now; I look forward to seeing you probe more thought-ideas and not just visual- or plot-ideas.

    Also, I tend to comment on things a lot. If I’m commenting more than is welcome, please let me know. 🙂

    • Well, thank you. And don’t worry about commenting too much; that is the least of my worries on this blog. I have enjoyed yours thoroughly; Alex the Dromaiosciurinofelinophile encouraged me recently to get a blog, and, as I had already harbored thoughts in that direction previously, I chose to act upon his suggestion. Well, I’m busier now than I’ve been this summer, so we’ll see if I’m able to keep it up for its initial run.

  2. Justin says:

    well done on the creating a blog. and whoever salvageroost is, your blog rocks. I was reading through a few of the entries, and felt like I was reading my own thoughts.

  3. salvageroost says:

    Alex the scurrilous dromedary cat lover?

  4. salvageroost says:

    Nice. Good thing I have a month to learn how to pronounce that.

  5. I’ve always wanted an emu squirrel cat.

  6. AJC468 says:

    I am touched, Rex. I am touched. I fear I will have to borrow this…expression. It will go nicely on my wall. Yes, it will.

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