Dromaius Letter

I was going to post the letter a few days ago, and then discovered the difficulties of uploading the files. Well, the Dromaius Letter transcript, translation, and scholarly analysis are attached now, I think…. On the first, I apologize for having the same image three times, but I was trying to be sure it scanned.

Scan of the original: Dromaius

Transcript, etc.: Dromaius-Letter


4 comments on “Dromaius Letter

  1. Hrmph, encoding is doing something odd to me, so it may be that if I can’t read it, no one else can. Just see AJC for the originals, I guess.

  2. salvageroost says:

    the documents opened fine for me.

    Reading the scholarly analysis, I laughed almost to tears. Ἱς θε κωάλα ἱντένδεδ τυ ρεπρισέντ Ὑινν Κένιον; Ἰ ἀς ἁλυαις ριμαίνδεδ μι οφ ἁ κωάλα, particularly when he chuckles. I’m not sure why.

    I do try hard not to be jealous of the abilities of others, Rex, but goodness gracious me. This is a trial to my character. I’d give… I’d give my pinky toes to be able to draw a manuscript like that. I’d chop them off. And burn them. And swallow the ashes.

    Six stars (of five).

  3. salvageroost says:

    Well, poo. The font is different when the comment is posted than it is in the box, and it would seem that I got my breathing marks horribly mangled. I think you can figure it out anyway though…

  4. You’ve guessed correctly. Of course, to my mind, the jokes are funnier if one takes the time to figure out the meaning of the names and translate the Latin and all that. And faking footnotes in perfect Turabian format has always been a private pleasure of mine, although of course I don’t do that on my more academic essays.

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