Devotedly I Honor Thee

As a Latin and creative exercise, I decided to translate one of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Eucharistic hymns, Adoro Te Devote. I’m afraid mine does not have anything to recommend it as poetry over the numerous other translations out there, but I found the exercise valuable. Domine, miserere mei.

Adoro Te Devote

Devotedly I honor thee, hidden and divine,
beneath these shapes truly hidden;
to thee I give over the fullness of my heart,
for its fullness is nothing in contemplating thee.

In thee, sight, touch and taste are misled,
but hearing alone can be safely believed.
I believe whatever God’s son has said;
nothing is more true than Truth’s own word.

Hidden on the cross was the divinity alone,
hidden here humanity as well;
yet believing both with assurance, I entreat
as the self-grieved thief entreated.

The wounds I cannot regard like Thomas,
yet my god I confess thee.
In thee, make me always more believe,
and in thee hope, thee hold dear.

O memorial of the Lord’s death!
Living bread, life supplied to man!
Supply of thyself for my mind to live,
and find thee ever sweet.

Good Pelican, Lord Jesu,
cleanse my unclean being with thy blood:
a single drop can restore
the fullness of the world from all evil.

Jesu, whom I now see veiled,
I pray what I thirst for may be:
that when I see revealed thy countenance,
I may be full in the vision of thy glory.


Tintoretto’s The Last Supper


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