As the Lone Victim

Peter Abelard, written for Good Friday. This translation was the most difficult I’ve attempted so far. Meanwhile, I am also working on learning Georgian for a possible adventure teaching overseas this autumn.


Solus Ad Victimam

As the lone victim thou proceedest, Lord,
offering thyself to death, whom thou comest to destroy;
What can we say in such misery,
when thou in such kindness redeemest?

Ours, Lord, ours are the crimes,
the crimes whose torments thou bearest.
Make our hearts bear with thee,
that thou may favor as worthy even our fellow-suffering.

May we through the dark night and these three days,
held back by weeping, keep the night vigil,
until the rising Lord, on the brightest of mornings,
restore to the sorrowful their joys.

Make us then to bear with thee, Lord,
that we may be thy fellow-sharers of glory;
thus may we pass these three days in grief,
that you may give the laughter of Easter grace.


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