Update from Tbilisi

I am now in Tbilisi, in the Republic of Georgia, a couple days into orientation. I feel like I have been here for weeks, though it has only been five days in actuality. Yesterday I learned that my wife and I will be placed in the village Kolagi, in Kakheti, Georgia’s principal wine-producing region. We will go there after orientation is completed, in about a week. It looks like a beautiful area, though I cannot find much information on the village itself.

At present, I can say little about my experience of Georgian culture, as it has been limited to the Teach and Learn with Georgia staff and the occasional waiter and taxi driver. I have made two expeditions into Tbilisi for sightseeing. The food (at the hotel, at least) is plentiful and good-tasting, the natives are friendly and handsome, the architecture ranges from Soviet (blocky) to ancient Georgian (elegant) to the undulating glass and concrete of modern structures, and I find it all very engaging. I have not traveled outside the States since 2007, and I had not realize how much I missed it.

Right now, orientation classes consume most of the day, and the evenings will ideally be spent between dinner, study, and the city. I have not done much reading or writing, and I suspect my ability to do either will continue to be limited in Kolagi, where internet may or may not be readily available, and electricity is a valuable commodity.

Still, I will journal, and make observations. I hope and expect the experience of the next few months will be transformative. Please continue in prayer.

EDIT: If you wish to follow my adventures in Georgia, please follow my travel blog with my wife, Sokoebi.

Sameba Cathedral bell-towerPhoto taken yesterday at Sameba Cathedral


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