A Brief History of Vejini (ვეჯინი)

From my travel blog. This is the village where we live.

Rex and Kirsten's Adventure Blog

IMG_8941a (1024x768)Or, information you’d never get from the average local. I drew virtually all this information from the Georgian Chronicles (Kartlis Tskhovreba), the official historical corpus of Georgia composed in the medieval period. It can be found online here.

To properly present the history of this ordinary village in Kakheti, immediately south of Gurjaani, some background in the broader history of the region is necessary.

In the remote past, the part of the Caucasus now occupied by Georgia was divided into two major kingdoms: Colchis (Lazica) in the west and Iberia (Kartli) in the east. These kingdoms were passed back and forth between the two great empires of Rome and Persia for century after century. Eventually the Iberian monarchy was abolished by the Persians, and in the seventh century the Arabs showed up and established the Emirate of Tbilisi, leaving only the divided principalities of the northwest free.

However, with…

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