Sanctum Sanctorum (About)

Russian Orthodox icon of Elijah in the wilderness.

Russian Orthodox icon of Elijah in the wilderness.

I am an aspiring scholar and contemplative, American-born. I am a Christian. I am, in my weak way and needing always much grace, following the path of learning.

This blog serves as a general repository for reviews, immature academic writings, practice translations, scraps of poetry, and miscellaneous meditations. In addition to the occasional creative work, I write, irregularly, about what interests me, which includes theology, history, aesthetics, literature, and philosophy. I write as one with great thirst for the riches of the classical Christian tradition, but always as a seeker of truth and beauty from whatever spring.

Sanctum In Heremis translates from Latin as “holy [place] in the wilderness.” The name invokes to me a place set apart for my thoughts and impressions to condense in the stillness of the written word. It is intended to evoke a quiet wayside sanctuary. I expect no imperishability for these thoughts, but only hope that taken together they will point to the higher mysteries of existence, and any who choose to take time to read will find themselves pointed to the Light in all lesser lights.

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