Platytera ton Ouranon

“Theotokos of the Sign”

or, On Fairy-Stories

do dragons hide still in hedges
trimmed and shaped

does the gardener still walk
pole to pole
tree of life and tree
immaturely grasped (the holy fools)

the rivers turned away from eden
the rivers converge by anastasis
as all that rises must

what strange beasts burgeon within us
yet they we are

or are our images hidden in a lapis vault
to be taken
and illuminated or given
to rot

there is but one image
there is but one man (behold!)
he just delights to repeat himself

if dryads cease with socrates
is our strange forest more than trees

we write of “symbol” and “reality”
but what fires of love fuse sky and sea
and drop to drop
man to man to god

contemplate the flesh you keep
contemplate the bread you take
as you eat you shall be

resume your dance:
ye are Gods, take and eat